Matts Competition Judo Techniques

Matt has travelled, trained and competed in some of the hardest places in the world. Matt has fought hundres of fights and prides himself on winning matches he should of lost through competition tactics, strategy and technical setups to many of his favourite techniques. This week is the first time he has revealed his entire Judo game plan to the world.

Here’s what you’ll learn inside Matts Competition Bundle

    • Simple and easy grip breaks that can break even the strongest of grips
    • Throws and takedowns that Matt uses throughout his entire Judo career
    • Easy to implement seoi nage setups that will dramatically increase the success rate of your seoi nage.
    • How to prevent and counter your opponent when they attack with drop seoi nage
    • Learn Matts Harai goshi and tani otoshi switch technique
    • Multiple Juju gatame setups as well as a really sneaky way to get the arm out and finish the armbar,
    • How to move to create openings for your attacking techniques
    • and loads more!

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