Kettlebells for Grapplers

I created this 12-week kettlebell program for people who wants to use Kettlebells to get fit AND strong for Brazilian Jiujitsu, Judo and wrestling. As a strength and conditioning coach and grappler myself I have written literally hundreds of strength and conditioning programs for grapplers who want to get fit, fast and strong – and kettlebells are a great way to achieve this. Kettlebells for Grapplers is written for beginner and intermediate level grapplers who have never used kettlebells before. The program contains beginner, intermediate and advanced modules that build on each other. The beginner program is designed to get you to understand how the kettlebell swings, while the intermediate and advanced programs will push you mentally and physically.


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Download this package today and you will receive:

  • 12 week kettlebell programs
  • GPP videos
  • Stretching sheets
  • Over 50 kettlebell Workouts (including the 25 Insane KB workouts eBook)
  • Video of each and every movement


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